Cobra Steel Building System


Cobra Steel Building System

The Cobra Steel Building System TM

This is our in house Complete Steel Building System for High Density Builds Hotels, Multi-Family,Office ,Health Care , Educational and Retirement Buildings 

We Design Assist, Engineer Shop Drawings, Fabricate, and Construct the Cobra Steel System using our Revit Platform providing full 3D Building Model, Panel Drawings, Joist, Truss & Deck Drawings with Fully Intergraded-Engineered Erection Drawings. Let's Build It.

Patent # US12/510100

Ref # 6533P3348


Pre Engineered, Pre loaded fully seated Structural Metal Stud Wall Panels

We assembly wall panels in a controlled mobile environment using pre-sized steel studs, Insulating all Headers, King & Trimmer Studs and Stud Packs before preloading wall panel for a full seated assembly. Non-Welded Panels, Fully Hardware Connected Panels help reduce Building Shrinkage and adds advantage over Welding and Heating a very thin galvanized material to very thin galvanized material. 

Non Welded Panel allow for Pre-Insalation of Panel Header and Built Up Components. 

Thicker Iron Designed Cobra Material, Fluidly Inserted into the Panel, Maximizes Valued Engineering of the Structural Build.


Cobra Steel System Install

With Complete Superstructure Drawings, Construction Conflicts Resolved, Logistic Plan & Scheduling in place, Panel Production and Iron Fabrication is engaged, Panels and Iron are Immediately Installed per Erection Drawings Incorporating Elevated Patio Decks and Clear Span Designs, then Cobra Pre-Formed Distribution Hangers are Installed at the top plate of wall panels , Open Web Bar Joist are Installed 4' o.c., Steel Deck is now Installed, Creating a Shear Diaphragm, Rebar ,Drag Struts ,Wire Mesh, Installed per drawing, Inspected and Ready for a 4" / 6" Concrete Deck Pour. 

24 hours later, Light Gauge Framing / Mold Resistant Pre-Rock and Exterior Sheathing Install can began. Rough In Scopes Began Immediately. Rinse and Repeat.



Why The Cobra Steel Building System

Cobra Design Platform


Cobra engages our Revit platform to BIM model your Projects Conceptual Criteria providing seamless integration into the Design Team Workflow, Providing System Engineering Live Design Costing and Budgeting. Resolving Construction Conflicts, Establish Compressed Timelines, Mitigate Needless Cost, Increase Project Equity 

First Virtual Build it with Cobra's Master Design Build Team

Breathe ! In a High Density Build


Cobra provides fluid choices to hit price points without sacrificing quality, by infusing Cobra Hot Rolled distribution plate hanger pour stop and closure plates to a Cobra Cold Rolled Metal Stud Design allows open span floor plan design.

Decreasing Load Points, Hardware, Shearwalls, Steel Joist and Building Weight allowing for Footing/Foundation and Concrete Design/Installation Savings.

Open MEP design in both The 24" Steel Bar Joist bay laid out 4' oc,Wall Panels built to accommodate Vertical MEP designs

"Let your Project Breathe !"

Nimble Planning and Logistics


Cobra strives to provide simple solutions to cost inhibitors, Controlled Mobile Panel & Fabrication Shops on or off site is one such solutions.

 All Frame components arrive pre cut, assemble ready,matched with Panel & BIM drawings, Components then loaded into a simple air controlled panel table for Weight Preloading, Full Seating of Stud/Track bearing points and true square. Machine attached hardware set siamotainously on both sides of Panel, QC'd, labeled, ready for Install.

Full Superstructure Service


Cobra lends real solution to Project Management cohesion and scheduling challenges. By providing, complete Superstructure Services-

Concrete package-

Core Package- 

Steel Stairs Package-

Light Gauge and Drywall Package 

Your Superstructure is trade and finish ready.

Development-Joint Venture-General Contractor


Cobra provides GMP "GMAX" and Lump Sum Pricing to Developers, Owners, GC.

We offer Joint Ventures opportunities with

 Developers, Owners, GC.

Advantages to Using The Cobra Steel Building System over competing builds


  • Allows for Open Floor Plan Designs
  • Streamline MEP Design & Install
  • Accurate Project Forecasting
  • Lower Overall Project Cost
  • Safe and Quick Build 
  • Increase Project Equity
  • Decreased Overall Builders Risk
  • Decreased Resources Needed
  • Lean, Green, Superior Build
  • Decreased Insurance Cost
  • Decreased Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment Cost
  • No expensive Engineered Shoring

Cobra Steel Building System

Best of the Best Steel Build

  The Cobra Steel System™   A Mid-Rise ( 1-9 floor ) Elevated Composite Floor and Wall System. It's designed and engineered as an innovative and economical Complete Steel Building System. Benefits to our system include: Pre-loaded Steel Wall Panels to reduce shrinkage and cracking. Cobra Distribution and Closer plates which allow for the placement of Open Web Steel Joist 4 feet on center and an open span design up to 63 feet, from corridor walls to exterior walls.  Provides an ergonomic friendly design build for all Trade Contractors. This Design Patented Steel System utilizes all of its building components straight from the shelf. This eliminates the typical delays associated with ordering specialty Components & Equipment.   

Owner- Architect -Engineers 1st Choice


The Cobra Steel Building System utilizes and integrates innovative features for Structural Metal Framing has been engineered for up to 9 floors; this includes an Iron Joist Distrubution Plate, Open Web Steel Joist ( 24"), and Metal Decking & Wire Mesh to create either a 4" and 6" elevated floor system. It incorporates a shear floor diaphragm tied to the Fully Grouted Block or Precast Concrete Stair and Elevator Cores to create an open span of up to 63' from the corridor wall to the exterior wall, allowing for open floor designs, no shear walls and completed with UL Fire Assemblies and STC ratings. Visit the Cobra Steel Library for more details.  


Starting @ $21.50 Per Sqft the Cobra Steel System Includes Turn Key Pricing for the following:   

Design Assist & Engineered Shop Drawings and Drafting for Superstructure Conflict resolution for M, E, and P Plans Design Assistance, Elevated Floor and Roof System: Pre-loaded steel wall panels Cobra Steel Joist Distribution & Closer Plates, Open Web Steel Joist 4 feet on center, Metal Decking and Wire Mesh 8"-10" Block Stair and Elevator Cores, 4" and 6" Elevated concrete floor, Complete Iron Fabrication and Erection: Clear story spans, Elevated Patios, Light Gauge Metal Framing, Complete Structure Trade Ready.